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Termas de Rio Hondo


4.8 km

2.99 miles


5 left

9 right


1076 m.

3530.18 ft.


16 m.

52.49 ft.

The Argentinean track is the second fastest in the championship after Phillip Island and boasts some of the fastest average lap times in the entire world championship, and is considered a difficult circuit for tires.

Located in the province of Santiago del Estero, in northern Argentina, the track of Rio Hondo was designed by Italian Jarno Zaffelli. The Argentine track has a long straight of 1076 meters, which somehow begins at the exit of turn 3 and continues in constant acceleration from turn 4, until the bike is finally straight and launched at 280 km/h. The top speed reached on the straight reaches 340 km/h, and decelerates to 75 km/h before Turn 5.

According to Brembo'sengineers, the Autódromo de Termas de Rio Hondo falls into the category of medium demanding circuits for brakes. Turn 5 is where the strongest braking occurs, where the drivers exert a force on the front brake levers of 6.3 kg in 6.1 seconds, making it one of the most demanding corners of the entire season.
The Autódromo de Termas de Rio Hondo ranks right after Phillip Island as the fastest track on the calendar, with an average speed of 177 km/h, and intense corners like No. 6, which is taken in fourth gear at 220 km/h, or the long straight, where speeds of 340 km/h are reached.


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