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In Moto2 the games change, the difficulties increase but Tony's determination is always stronger.  All the news about the bike of this world championship

Ready to face the new challenges of this world championship with a new bike

A bike with characteristics very different from those to which our pilot was accustomed in previous seasons.

In Moto2 the games change, the difficulties increase but Tony's determination is always stronger.

Want to know some details?

Here are all the news regarding the bikes for this world championship:

Carbon swingarms are allowed in Moto2, while in Moto3 they are not.
Moto2 bikes are full of carbon parts just like their MotoGP counterparts.
However, unlike the premier class, there is no minimum weight limit for the bike alone, but only for the bike and rider combination: we're talking 217kg in total.
Historically, Moto2 has been a category that has provided very little electronic aid to the rider. In 2019, however, with the Triumph engine, a new electronic package was introduced that included different power response settings, engine brake maps and launch control.
Riders have different settings for power and engine brake, plus the added benefit of the presence of the aforementioned assisted start system. These settings allow Moto2 riders to develop their knowledge and riding skills with electronic aids that need to be fine-tuned.

The Magneti Marelli system comes as a package consisting of a single ECU with datalogger, IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), dashboard, switch and software to operate the entire system. It is unique and common to the Moto2 category, which means all teams must use it.

Original article by Paul Emile Viel on paddock-gp

New Triumph engine


The new engine is a race-tuned 765cc three-cylinder based on the class-leading Street Triple RS powerplant, with developments that allow the engine to have freer airflow, achieve higher rpm and deliver a maximum power output of over 140hp.

Triumph engine


Developed from the class-leading 765cc powerplant of the Triumph Street Triple RS, the Moto2™ engine features a number of performance-enhancing racing modifications, including a new engine layout and a new...

  • Modified cylinder head with revised inlet and exhaust ports for optimised gas flow

  • Higher compression ratio

  • Titanium valves and stiffer valve springs for increased rpm

  • Low voltage racing alternator for reduced inertia

  • Updated 1st and 2nd gears

  • Racing slipper clutch (adjustable)

  • Specific racing ECU developed with Magneti Marelli

  • Revised engine covers for reduced width

  • Revised bowl for improved exhaust design

  • High performance coatings for main internal components

Triumph engine

New racing engine components include:

  • Higher stroke and bore

  • New crankshaft

  • New pistons

  • Newly designed connecting rods and balance shafts

  • Nikasil coated aluminum cylinders

  • Revised gearbox



Already renowned for its sound, one of the best in the world of motorcycling, Triumph's 2019 765cc triple is the result of a two-year development program, with racing modifications and tuning to deliver over 140hp, enabling the Moto2™ to achieve superior performance with a spine-tingling soundtrack!