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Michelin® Grand Prix of Finland KymiRing


Michelin® Grand Prix of Finland KymiRing


4.6 km

2.85 miles

Michelin® Grand Prix of Finland KymiRing


9 left

9 right

Michelin® Grand Prix of Finland KymiRing


1200 m.

3937,008 ft.

Michelin® Grand Prix of Finland KymiRing


15 m.

49.21 ft.

The first MotoGP race on the KymiRing was originally scheduled for 2019, but delays in the construction of the facility forced a postponement to 2020. The five-year agreement with Dorna provides for the organization of the Finnish GP until at least 2024.

The circuit meets the highest standards for competition, being able to host both Formula 1 and MotoGP. It is the only circuit of this level in Northern Europe.

The KymiRing measures 4,600 meters with a width varying between 12 and 15 meters. The longest straight is 1.2 km long and is opposite the starting line, there are 18 curves, equally distributed between right and left, while the design has tried to respect the original morphology of the land and the difference in height between the lowest and highest point is about 18 meters. The track can be divided into two totally independent sections, to host smaller events or specific tests and within the complex there is also a circuit for rallycross, Speedway (even on ice!) and SuperMoto, as well as one dedicated only to Kart and another only for Motocross; the KymiRing in fact, is not only MotoGP, in 2020 there will be the nineteenth round of the MX Gp world championship.

Observing the development of the track you can see that some curves seem to take inspiration from other famous tracks (the esse of Suzuka or the last curve of Valencia). MotoGP test riders tested the KymiRing in August 2019, and they have already got an idea about the new circuit.