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Mandalika International Street Circuit


4.3 km

2.68 miles


6 left

11 right


507 m.

1663.39 ft.


15 m.

49.21 ft.

The Mandalika track is being built on the resort island of Lombok. Initial work began in October 2019 and was completed in November 2021, right around the time of the last round of World Superbike. The circuit measures 4.32 km and has 17 turns. The capacity of the Grand Stand Seating of the Mandalika circuit can reach more than 50,000 seats, while the Non-Seated Area, i.e. the standing grandstand, can accommodate up to 138,000 people.

The Mandalika circuit is a rather special one. It could be defined as an almost urban track, since it incorporates some public roads normally used by local traffic. Therefore, a considerable number of the infrastructures used for the circuit are removable, in order to allow the return to normal traffic. This is a rather rare element in the MotoGP panorama.

(Gazzetta dello Sport)

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